Boson Exotic

Group Exhibition
October 24, 2008 - January 18, 2009

"As protean transporters of invisible force, "Boson Exotic" artworks radiate phenomenological complexity. Each work becomes a saturated moment. The often arcane beauty of the exotic here trumps the arid, banal one liners prevailing in much current contemporary art. The elusive boson particles are theoretically poised for unveiling in the largest machine ever constructed. Likewise the hard to pin down work in this exhibition, beckons discovery within a 20,000 sq ft phenomenon. In fact, acceleration of assertion posits Newark in a new art vangard."

A. Kimberlin Blackburn
Adam Brown
Alyson Shotz
Anne Q McKeown
Ben La Rocco
Carl Fudge
Christopher Chambers
Corban Walker
Craig Olson
Cris Dam
David Ellis
Elio Franceschelli
Everett Ravens
Frank Holiday
Fred Gutzeit
Gae Savannah
Gary Stephan
James Andrew Brown

James Siena
Jared Whitham
Jessica Stockholder
JG Zimmerman
Joergen Geerds
John Goodyear
John Mendelsohn
John O'Brien
John Shockey
Jordan Eagles
Karen Guancione
Kati Vilim
Kathleen Kucka
Kevin Sampson
Kulvinder Kaur Dhew
Larry McKim
Lauren Clay
Loren Munk
Lucas Samaras

Gerry Griffin
Glenn Goldberg
Malado Baldwin
Michael Howard
Miriam Brumer
Nancy Tobin
Nicholas Krushenick
Nora Griffin
Palma Blank
Phong Bui
Rosa Valado
Sam Stone
Sharon Horvath
Stefanie Nagorka
Tamas Szalczer
Tim White-Sobieski
Vadim Katznelson
Victoria Hanks