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18 Solo Projects
February 28 - May 2, 2009

NEXT POST... is a foray into the next paradigm of art. Blog posts dispense with rules and manners. Jettisoning traditional brushes and technique, each artist uses space, new materials, color, and light as vocabulary of a hybrid visual vernacular. These projects are all BIG, utilizing maximum amplitude to put the potential of art to the test. NEXT POST material and light divulge facets of emotion, the oblique language of the psyche. Here postmodern ruses, wit, and theory are present not as the entirety of a gimmicky one-liner, but as icing on the cake.

AK Airways
Bradley Wester
Cordy Ryman
David Ellis
Donald Bruschi

Doreen McCarthy
Elio Franceschelli
Eric Michel
Fred Gutzeit
Gae Savannah
Gary Clemenceau

miya ando
Regine Schumann
Saya Woolfalk
Thomas Eller
Tim White-Sobieski
Zethray Peniston

Press Release [PDF 180KB download]

Tim White-Sobieski [html]

1) New York Times, Benjamin Genocchio - March 5, 2009

2) Flash Art International, Tate Osten - Spring 2009 [pdf 367kb]

3) White Hot Magazine, Lynn Malieszewski - May 2009

4) Time Out, Grace Smith - April 19, 2009

5) Newark USA, L. Craig Schoonmaker - February 28, 2009