24 Solo Projects
October 23, 2009 - February 13, 2010

This exhibition explores Next art as conduit, vessel. These items of depth transport and continue to deliver the goods beyond first glance. In ship to shore communication, a message floats from the mother ship out to a new land, new recipients. Here a circulatory system is launched, imploding the deflective icy surface of contemporary art's banality. Sentient synapses fire up the biological percolation that underlies perception. Likewise, these artworks spawn a regenerative reciprocation between object and perceiver.

A.Kimberlin Blackburn
Ben Jones
Benjamin S Jones
Bernard Williams
Charles McGill
Christopher Hart Chambers
Fred Gutzeit
Ibrahim Ahmed

Jan Huling
Jared Whitham
JG Zimmerman
Joe Lewis
Kati Vilim
Linda Ganjian
Linda Pollack
LiQin Tan

Loren Munk
Patrick Doyle
Rich Wislocky
Rosa Valado
Stefanie Nagorka
Tamas Szalczer
Victoria Hanks
Wayne Roth

Press Release [PDF 627KB download]

1) Newark USA, L.Craig Schoonmaker - November 2, 2009

2) My Thoughts on the World Around Me, MyTheory - October 28, 2009

3) Baristanet - October 22, 2009