Outsight Inn

28 Solo Projects
October 23, 2010 - March 6, 2011

Instead of fast-changing prepositions—"post," "anti," "neo," "trans," and "sub"—that suggest an implacable movement forward, against or beyond, and try desperately to be "in," I propose to go off: "Off" as in "off kilter," off Broadway, "off the path," or "way off," off-brand, off the wall and occasionally "off-color." "Off-modern" is a detour into the unexplored potentials of the modern project. -- Svetlana Boym The Off-Modern Condition

With over 220 color-lush objects on three floors, Outsight Inn is a cloister for regenerative visual systems. In quantum physics the "observer effect" refers to changes that the act of observation makes on the phenomenon being experienced. Witness 28 Solo Projects where examination flips the commonplace inside out. Similar to the topological single sided Klein/Möbius bottle, art interiors meld with their own exteriors, sum greater than whole. These artworks radiate a seductive invitation, simultaneously hiding and revealing a latent reward for each guest. Sequestered visceral energy is released through the sheer physics, economics, or memory of ones sensory encounter with these adroit presentations. Ride the wave, or is it a particle? Outsight Inn opens the ludic door to a quantum mindset for an interlude in real time.

Adehla Lee
AK Airways
April Hava Shenkman
Bibi Flores
Cecilia Biagini &
Dahlia Fischbein
Christopher Tanner
Elizabeth Riley
Ellis Gallagher

German Pitre
Grace Graupe Pillard
Han Zeng
Jared Whitham
John Mendelsohn
Katherine Powers
Kati Vilim
Markus Baenziger
Matt Stone
Mike Howard

Olu Oguibe
Rich Wislocky
Richard Iammarino
Ryan C. Doyle
Stefanie Nagorka
Svetlana Boym
Thomas Broadbent
Vicki DaSilva
Wahala Temi Studio

Press Release [PDF 1.2MB download]

1) on-verge - March 18, 2011

2) The Star Ledger, Dan Bischoff - February 25, 2011

3) ARTCAT Current Pick, October 2010 - March 2011

4) El Craigo, Jetting Around Newark - October 25, 2010

5) Newark USA, L. Craig Schoonmaker - January 24, 2011